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DISTRACON. is a competent partner for it clients at the development and oparattionalization of disruptive market and organizational strategies. At this we support our partners withpractically experienced, tried-and-tested concepts and best technical and methodical Know-how.

  • DISTRACON. provides support in the development of holding strategies, separate business-unit strategies, effective internationalization strategies and pioneering marketing concepts.
  • DISTRACON. constitutes with his partners comprehensive and operational target systems all over the companies levels, as target systems are of major interest for the realization and control of general corporate and business-units targets.
  • DISTRACON: analyses, reviews and optimizes organizational structures and business processes and directs tasks, responsibilities and skills in the partners company toward strategic line.
  • DISTRACON. supports cross-stage in planning and operationalizing Mergers & Acquisitions Projects.
  • DISTRACON. sets value on performance efficient strategies. At the one hand we consider transparency and measurability of targets and their achievement to be of immense importance. At the other hand we set our focus on simplifying, cost-efficient concepts, which minimize complexity to a minimum level.
  • Information technology can not only fasten the implementation of business-unit and organizational strategies, it also increasingly enlarges the options of strategy making. DISTRACON. also supports its clients at integration of innovative technologies along the entire value-added chain.

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