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DISTRACON. cooperates with different clients from different industrial sectors. Our clients operate in the logistics, electronics, plant engineering and consumables sector as well as in the renewable energy sector. The client portfolio consists of leading international companies from different regions such as East and West Europe, North America and the Middle East.

They are driven by diverse business models, different strategies and different cultures but there is one thing they all have in common with us: they all strive to sustainability dominate there market. Both our policy is characterised by a focus on profitable growth, long-term increase in value, and to create and secure jobs.

Management strength, a pioneering spirit and the determination to innovate, a critical faculty and the willingness to undergo change are among the outstanding qualities of the majority of our clients. These are the attributes that make it possible for both to develop concepts and implement them effectively. Nothing is more sustainable than success. For that reason, our clients are ready to break new ground with full commitment and awareness of the risks involved.

We only accept and welcome new consulting mandates as a consultancy only, if we mutual believe that we can bring about significant positive improvements for our clients.


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